EduShyster tells a fascinating story about Nevada’s love affair with TFA.

It is humorous but not funny.

Nevada has large numbers of non-English speaking students but does not want to pay what t csts to help them learn.

Nevada has the lowest graduation rate in the nation, worse even than Michele Rhee’s D.C. Schools.

Las Vegas has some of the most overcrowded classrooms in the nation–as many as 50 in some classes.

Two TFA alumnae have been elected to the Nevada state board of education.

One of them was asked about those packed classes.

QUESTION: How do you prepare teachers for Clark County’s large classes, which are among the nation’s most crowded?

Serafin: We don’t allow class sizes to be an excuse for lackluster achievement. You control what kind of teacher you are and what your students learn. If a member is struggling with a large class, we’ll find teachers who have succeeded with many students and see what we can learn.