We have had at least ten years–in the case of Milwaukee, 22 years– of listening to boasting about how choice and competition will change everything. Charters and vouchers will close the achievement gap. They will prepare students who are college-ready. The bottom five percent of schools will be in the top twenty percent of schools. The graduation rate will rise to 90 percent in X years. On and on.

All too often, gullible policymakers choose hope over experience.

At some point, the bills come due.

EduShyster asks a simple question: how are the graduates of “no excuses” schools doing in college? Did those years of filling in the blanks and obeying without question prepare them well?

This is an amazing article. EduShyster has great sources and gets surprising information. Consider this nugget:

“In each of the four school years for which SAT and AP data are available on the [state’s] website (school years 2006-2007 through 2009-2010, City on a Hill’s SAT scores were lower in every single subject than those of both Boston Public Schools and New Bedford Public Schools…When one looks at City on a Hill’s AP scores, its ability to prepare students for the rigors of college appears even more dubious.”