This reader read the article by Professor Helen Ladd and Edward Fiske and decided to write to Senator Tom Harkin, the chairman of the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee.

I am so grateful for Helen Ladd’s voice and work.

Here is a letter I just sent to Senator Harkin, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Health and Education:

Senator Harkin,
I urge you to hold a senate hearing to investigate the closings of hundreds of public schools this year around our country. They will be replaced with privately-for-profit managed Charter Schools with no community oversight or process for ever returning them to neighborhood public schools.

Permanent, irreversible damage is happening to our local schools without policy review, or public awareness of the way this movement is being engineered by outside interests.

Please help defend our families and children from this onslaught to break our public schools.

Billions of dollars are being spent by private individuals and corporations to influence this process, along with engineered legislation sponsored by ALEC and other foundations intent on replacing public schools with their own version of education. This is not an innocent pilot project to help our schools.

I urge you to begin the process of investigating this issue that concerns the very heart and soul of our nation.

Steve Cifka
Retired Classroom Teacher
Parent, Grandparent, Vietnam Vet and father of a soldier leaving for Afghanistan next month.