An earlier post reported that officials in Oregon are trying to recover $20 million from two Oregon charter founders. A reader in Oregon added the following information:

In 2010, AllPrep academies, Oregon’s home-grown charter founded by educational entrepreneur Tim King (a former North Clackamas School District teacher) began having financial problems. A decade previously, King founded three charter schools in that district: New Urban High, Clackamas Middle College and Clackamas Web Academy. In 2008, he left to start the AllPrep and other charter schools in a half-dozen small districts across the state, from Sheridan to Estacada to Sisters to Burns.

In 2009, Whitney Grubbs (then dissemination grant coordinator for Clackamas Web Academy) wrote this opinion piece in the Portland Tribune.
“As controversy surrounding the proper role of on-line education in Oregon’s K-12 system began to mount, Clackamas Web Academy principal Brad Linn knew what he had to do. ‘I was very confident that we had a great program that was serving the needs of a diverse group of kids in our community, ‘ said Linn, a first-year principal. ‘But I knew if we really wanted people to stand up and take notice of our small charter school, we had to improve our test scores.’ ”

King’s legacy still exists with Clackamas Web Academy. The Oregonian puts their test scores in the bottom tier.

Director of Head Start in Portland since 1975, Ron Herndon wrote one year ago, “follow the money.” As the governor’s ill-advised proposal became law, we must “keep tabs on how many ’30 pieces of silver’ and well-connected committee members are rewarded from state coffers.”

Whitney Grubbs, a former Stand for Children team leader and an attorney, had already advanced up the ranks. She is Governor Kitzhaber’s P-20 policy advisor under Dr. Rudy Crew, Kitzhaber’s appointed Chief Education Officer, who heads the Oregon Education Investment Project and replaced our elected State Superintendent of Education.

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