In response to another post, asking what would you do if you were Secretary of Education:

If I were the Secretary of Education, I would take all the
money being spent on testing and use a good portion of it to hire
aids, reading specialists, nurses, librarians, and all the other
support staff needed to truly serve the needs of a school.

School boards would consist of teachers and parents.

Our education system would promote supporting a student’s strengths, instead of making
school a place of failure.

I would have industry work with ourschools to help train high school students for job readiness when
they leave school. I would fund higher education so people
graduating from college would not bestrapped with a great debt.

I would invite working education models like Finland to come and share
what works with us.

The NCLB and RTT would be disbanded.

I would sever all ties with Pearson.

There would be no Federal funding for
Charter or online schools.

I wish this could happen. I’m sick of
the reformers.

I can’t believe Obama is letting it go on and on.

Sincerely, Fed Up Fourth Grade Teacher