Between the two Bush brothers–George W. and Jeb–the nation’s education system is locked into a regime of endless testing, grading, evaluating, marking, measuring, etc.

It doesn’t seem to get us very far. After all, Texas has been in this business for as long as anyone can remember–was it the mid-80s?–and folks there are still complaining about failing schools.

And Texas is not # 1 anyway, Massachusetts is.

Florida is supposedly the model state, because it started giving grades to all its schools and closing the ones with low marks, and opening charters.

But it turns out that there are lots of failing charters

And again, Florida is not #1. Massachusetts is.

Coach Bob of Florida brings us up to the date on Florida’s nutty accountability system.

Think about it.

What corporation would be proud that it had created a quality-control system that made its employees demoralized and angry?

If this is a business model, it’s bad business. Or monkey business.