In case you wondered what Adell Cothorne, the star of the PBS Frontline special about Michelle Rhee’s cheating scandal, is doing now, she is very happy making gourmet cupcakes. Thanks to reader Linda of Connecticut for finding her on the web. I wish we lived close to Ellicott City, Maryland, so we could sample her cupcakes.

Adell is in business with Bill Kerlina, another ex-principal from D.C.

As you know from reading the posts on this blog, Adell filed a whistleblower complaint against the leadership of the D.C. school system. Chancellor Kaya Henderson denies that there was widespread cheating, denies that Cothorne complained about cheating, denies that Cothorne met with administrative staff, believes that the cheating scandal never happened, and alleges that Cothorne is pursuing her claim for financial gain.

So, we must rely on John Merrow to follow up this story. It matters for Adell Cothorne, but it also matters for the children of D.C. and for educators across the nation, who are sick of being bullied by administrators who tell them to produce higher test scores or get out.