Carl Cohn is one of our nation’s most distinguished educators. He had led many school districts, received innumerable awards, and now serves as a member of the California State Board of Education. Like many people, Dr. Cohn finds the imagery of the “parent trigger” unseemly. Why suggest that parents take up arms and shoot someone, even metaphorically? Violence, whether real or metaphorical, is not the path to education or knowledge or wisdom.

Dr. Cohn writes:

“Given the horrific events at Newtown, isn’t it time for the
media and the proponents of this so-called reform to abandon the
image of parents pointing a gun at a school? As a member of the
California State Board of Education, I objected to this terminology
when the matter was before us for establishing regulations based on
the law. Wouldn’t it be fitting as a memorial to the heroic
educators at Sandy Hook who gave their lives protecting their
students to abandon this distasteful image?”