Readers may recall that an organization called Parent Revolution led the battle for a “parent trigger” law in California in 2010. Parent Revolution is funded by Gates, Broad and Walton foundations.

Earlier this year, Parent Revolution worked with parents in Adelanto, California, to take over low-performing Desert Trails elementary school. Some parents wanted to rescind their signatures from the petition to take over the school, but the judge would not permit them to do so. The parents who did not sign the petition were not allowed to vote on choosing a charter operator.

When it was time to select a charter school, only 53 parents in a school of more than 600 children cast a ballot.

In one of the strangest twists in the parent trigger case in Adelanto, the five leaders of the parent trigger action sued the district for $100,000, even though all their legal costs were handled pro bono. According to this article, the parents plan to split their winnings.