Robert Rendo, a National Board Certified Teacher, has offered his talents as an illustrator to help all those fighting misguided reform. He writes:

Dear Diane,

I am a veteran teacher of 19 years, Nationally Board Certified, and teach a low income immigrant population. I am also an editorial illustrator with works in the New York Times, the Chicago Tribune, the Sacramento Bee, the Society of Illustrators, and the American photography/American illustration show. My work is a tool for advocacy, and I believe firmly in the power of the image to speak more than a thousand words against this horrendous reform movement in public educaiton.

I recently put out a blog, and anyone and everyone who is like minded is invited to use the images in a free license with my express permission to incorporate into their advocacy material, in any medium they wish. The blog is about the education reform and all the reasons why it’s a catastrophe.

This is a very different sort of blog; it’s almost all imagery and no words.

Illustrations from my blog have been featured on Stephen Krashen’s “Schools Matter”, “Susan Ohanian”, “Change the Stakes”, “Education Notes”, to name a few.

the blog is at:

It is my sincere hope that everyone who is pushing back against this nefarious coporate reform in educaiton use my free images as much as they’d like. This is no promotion or sales pitch. In trying to be pro-active, I want to empower my fellow colleagues in what promises to be a difficult and complicated fight to preserve education as a public trust.

This is not just a fight for the equitable educaiton of all children; it’s a fight for democracy.

Thank you for all the work you do, Diane. I hope you know how valued you and your work are by parents and educators alike throughout the country.

Robert Rendo

PS from Diane: I added capital letters, since Robert expressed his wish for them.