A few weeks ago, I spoke at the annual conference of the New York State School Music Association in Rochester. As I was going through the lobby of the conference center, I saw many teenagers carrying their musical instruments, preparing to practice and play together. There was a spirit of happy anticipation in the air–at least, that’s what I sensed. It occurred to me that teaching music must be the most joyful of all teaching jobs. The students come to you with different skill levels. They want to learn to play. They understand that they can’t get better unless they practice, practice, practice. No one can do it for them. They can’t download it from the Internet. They can’t cheat or pretend. And if they work hard and practice faithfully, they can do it in a group.

The best is–and I say this with awe–no one can say or should say, what is this for? Why am I learning it?

It’s for the joy of performance.

Isn’t music joyful? Here is the answer to the question.

I posted this months ago when it first appeared on the Internet. It is still a joy to watch. I post it again to share the joy.