Wonderful news from Charlotte-Mecklenbug, North Carolina!

The superintendent of schools has spoken out forcefully against the flood of testing.

Because of this great news, I happily add Heath Morrison to the honor roll as a champion of American public education.

Morrison is superintendent of schools in Charlotte-Mecklenburg, North Carolina. He is also highly respected among his peers nationally. He was elected president of the American Association of School Administrators for this year.

Morrison is taking a courageous stand against high-stakes testing.

He called the huge number of new state tests “an egregious waste of taxpayer dollars” that won’t help kids.

According to the story: “I am very troubled by the amount of testing we are being asked to do,’ Morrison told The Charlotte Observer editorial board. ‘We can teach our way to the top, but we cannot test our way to the top. We’re getting ready in the state of North Carolina to put out 177 new exams.'”

And here is even more exciting news: Heath Morrison is working with several other superintendents, including Montgomery County’s Joshua Starr, “to try to counteract the national testing craze.”