The National Rifle Association wants an armed guard at every one of the nation’s 100,000 schools. Some legislators want teachers and principals to carry weapons.

Why should policy be reactive? Better to limit all weaponry to officers of the law, except for single-shot rifles for hunters.

Guns should be available only to those authorized to use lethal force.

In this link, with tweets on the subject, someone points out that Columbine High School had armed security at the time of the tragedy there.

Questions: how many assault weapons should be allocated to each school, who should be authorized to use them, where should they be stored, should they be at the front desk or locked up? if locked up can they be readily available when needed?

And: who will pay for the personnel, the weapons and the training?

Here is a terrific cartoon on the subject, called, “Yesterday they called me a union thug, today…”