Here is someone you should follow.

In a recent post, this teacher writes:

In order to forestall state-takeover, our district is scrambling to find ways to make “substantial improvement.” By improvement, of course we mean in our MCAS scores. One way we are responding is to get a private company called “Achievement Net” or “A-Net” to help us administer standardized tests throughout the year, which are “tailored” for our curriculum. We put an entire grade into lockdown mode, administer the test, and send the bubble sheets off to be corrected. They come back with lots of statistics and forms to fill out. Every student will do this a total of 12 times this year. We spend hours poring over the results, breaking kids into daily half-hour pull-out groups, filling out A-Net forms handed to us that have questions like, “Today I will _ to make sure my students understand the material,” or “Today I will reteach _ to make sure my students understand the concept of_.”

Bottom line: more money intended for instruction diverted to the booming Edubusiness.