I am so deeply appreciative of the above postings. In different ways many of them underscore the importance of “connections.” But connecting takes time and effort and patience and sometimes, even wisdom. So please remember what a blessing “Diane Ravitch’s blog — A site to discuss better education for all” has been and continues to be for so many of us.

Each person will deal with what happened in his/her own way. I simply offer this as my reaction. The staff at the school set a good example for all of us. They were caught up in what could have been a paralyzing fog of gunshots, terror, uncertainty, and confusion. It would have been so easy to lost their bearings. Instead they put the well-being of others before their own and took action, some of them paying the ultimate price. Heroes all, not because they were fearless but because they faced their fears even under such daunting circumstances.

We can do no less fighting for a “better education for all.”