From Jere Hochman, superintendent of schools in Bedford, New York:

Daily, your followers find wisdom, insight, and courage in your posts – an ally in taking on one educational cause or another. Today, we find comfort – and an ally in taking on causes of life and death proportion. And – to Lisa (above) – thank you for sharing. The loss of a son to gun violence is just tragic. May his memory be a blessing.

If only America had a memory – and Presidents and Governors and Legislators had some courage.

30 years ago (next month) my principal, my fellow assistant principal, and I with others literally wrote the book as we worked through a school shooting. Three students died and not a day goes by… And, so it began – “counselors will be available” – how to talk to children about death – gun accessibility – calls for metal detectors (which do not stop terrorists and those on an evil mission). 30 years later, nothing has changed.

And, after mourning these deaths, hearing the stories of teacher heroism, and responding to the questions about our schools locally – it will be business as usual.

* Not one gun will be removed from the streets or deemed illegal and the NRA will spin their usual “guns don’t kill people, people kill people.”

* Federal, state, and local funding for mental health services and social services will continue to be cut drastically from budgets.

* Local CPS (child protection services) and “hot lines” will continue to be understaffed and overloaded with cases that never get addressed.

The only glimmer of hope is that Mr. Obama does not have to worry about re-election and maybe, just maybe, there are a few other legislators out there who care more about lives and principles than getting re-elected.