Yes, there is an answer, an almost fool-proof way to make sure that mentally ill people never again have the means to slaughter other people.

Yes, there is a way to end gun violence.

Here it is.

Frankly I am sick of hearing about how much people love their weapons. Adam Lanza’s mother loved her gun collection. Now she’s dead, killed by one of them.

Twenty babies in Connecticut lost their lives. They were ruthlessly destroyed by a man with weapons, each of them legally obtained by Adam’s mother in a state with tough gun laws.

We don’t have to wait until every mentally ill person is cured. We must make sure that mentally ill people are never allowed access to weapons of death and mass murder.

No one other than a law enforcement officer or member of the military should own a gun.

What about hunters? Let them own single shot long guns that must be reloaded after each shot. Nothing more.

Nothing more.

End the violence. Remove the means of mass murder.

The children’s right to live and the parents’ right to peace of mind trumps the right to own weapons of carnage.