The South Bronx blogger is a teacher in one of New York City’s poorest neighborhoods.

He is outraged that StudentsFirst issued a self-aggrandizing statement about the Connecticut massacre that ignored the heroism of the staff (whose tenure and benefits StudentsFirst tried to diminish in the last session of the legislature) and referred to 20 precious and beloved children as “assets.” SF assures the people of Connecticut that it stands ready to reform schools like Sandy Hook.

Need I say that this intrusion of self-interest is contemptible?

Thanks to SF, Connecticut will count student test scores as part of a teacher’s evaluation. The papers say that the killer had high test scores.

The evaluation will not take into account the remarkable courage and integrity, the strength and devotion, the depth of commitment, that caused so many of the teachers at the Sandy Hook school to lay down their lives for their children–not their “assets”–their children.