Why do Republicans like Mitt Romney and Bobby Jindal fear to use the V word?

Why do they say “opportunity scholarship” when they really mean Voucher?

As with most everything else (as Gail Collins said in her latest book), the answer may be found in Texas.

Texas, as we all know, is a red red red state.

The next legislature is planning to take up the voucher issue.

It should be a slam-dunk, right, because Texas is a red state and Republicans love school choice.

But not so fast. It turns out, in a recent poll, that most Texans don’t want vouchers.

Most Texans want more money for public schools.

Even Republicans in the poll, by a 2-1 majority, want more money for public schools, not vouchers.

And that, dear readers, is why Republicans will not use the V word.

Even Republican voters don’t want vouchers.

They don’t want to blow up public education and hand it over to profiteers and religious institutions.

Democrats and Republicans alike want better public schools.