Joshua Starr is the superintendent of Montgomery County’s public school system, the 17th largest district in the nation. He says that the “country needs a three-year moratorium on standardized testing and needs to ‘stop the insanity’ of evaluating teachers according to student test scores because it is based on ‘bad science.’He also said that the best education reform the country has had is actually health-care reform.”

He said that evaluating teachers by test scores is a very bad idea.

Starr said that “a good way to create assessments for Common Core-aligned curriculum would be to crowd-source the development and let teachers design them rather than have corporations do it. He criticized policies that help make public education ‘a private commodity.'”

Starr said that schools have been asked to make too many changes at the same time.

Joshua Starr was named as a member of the honor roll on September 1, 2012, for refusing to accept Race to the Top funding to judge his teachers by their test scores.

Superintendents across the nation have told me they share Starr’s views. If only they all said so in public, we could reclaim American education from the miasma of bad ideas.