Students for Education Reform thinks teachers should promptly agree to be evaluated by student test scores. They like standardized tests and want them to be the determinant of their teachers’ careers. They even held a demonstration at New York City’s City Hall to say so.

But not so fast.

Bruce Baker has studied and critiqued the New York State educator evaluation plan. He says it is so inaccurate that it should be rejected. He calls SFER “Sockpuppets for Education Reform,” because they know nothing about what they are advocating.

EduShyster thinks she understands their fervor for the cause.

EduShyster reviewed the 990 tax form for Education Reform Now.

ERN is the nonprofit arm of DFER, or Democrats for Education Reform.

DFER is the organization created by Wall Street hedge fund managers to lobby for charter schools and other market-based reforms.

If you read the ERN tax form, you will find a section X, headed “Other Liabilities.” It says, “Due to Student First and SFER $1,643,926.”

SFER, no surprise, is the spawn of DFER.

DFER wants teachers to be evaluated by the test scores of students.

And so does SFER. they demand more standardized testing, more teaching to the test, a narrower curriculum in which reading and math matter most. If they don’t do their homework, if they don’t study, they want their teacher to be held accountable.