Dan Boyd, the superintendent of Alachua County Public Schools in Florida, explains what a mess the Florida value-added assessment program is.

Sixty-seven counties are each using their own formulas to rate teachers.

In his own county, 75% of the teachers are not teaching subjects or grades that are tested, so they are evaluated based on the scores of students they never taught and on subjects they don’t teach.

He writes:

“Alachua County is sending up a revised plan. The DOE will still have to approve it and it will still have to comply with the law. And there’s the rub, because any way you slice it, this system is badly flawed. It’s inconsistent, it’s unfair and it’s unscientific. Worst of all, there’s no proof that it does anything to actually help students.”

More intelligent and courageous public officials like Dan Boyd, and the public will understand the harm that these fake reformers are inflicting on children, teachers and public schools.