Governor Haslam of Tennessee has been studying the voucher issue and intends to bring forward a proposal.

He doesn’t want to limit vouchers to any particular jurisdiction but to make them available statewide.

He is working closely with his state Commissioner of Education Kevin Huffman, TFA alum, to craft his voucher plan.

Vouchers will be called “opportunity scholarships,” because Republicans understand that the public doesn’t like the word “vouchers.”

“Opportunity scholarship” sounds so warm and fuzzy. That’s what vouchers in other places are called.

But a rose by any other name is still a rose.

And a voucher is a voucher.

And if Tennessee’s law looks anything like Louisiana’s, the legislature will have to come up with a funding mechanism that doesn’t take money away from public schools.

Haslam can put forward a voucher plan because in the recent election, Tennessee Republicans won a super-majority in the legislature. They were able to accomplish this with the generous support of campaign funding for Republican candidates supplied by StudentsFirst.