Jeb Bush claims the mantle of King of Education Reform.

He touts the Florida Miracle.

His ingredients for success: testing, testing, testing, school report cards, privatization, charters, vouchers, and big investments in online learning.

Here is one careful review of the Florida “miracle.”

Here is yet anothergood analysis of the Florida Miracle.

Bush is pushing the digitization of schooling pretty hard. His Foundation is funded by technology companies. Tony Bennett of Indiana and Tom Luna of Idaho carried the Bush banner in the November elections, and both got whipped.

There is neither research nor any evidence that kids learn more or better if they are doing it online. But this was not mentioned this at the big Bush conference in DC (Arne Duncan was the keynote speaker, boosting Bush’s credibility as an education reformer and a candidate in 2016).

Question: Will Jeb Bush’s Florida Miracle go the way of George W. Bush’s Texas Miracle?

Can we survive another such miracle?

Hmmm. A nation of digitized children.