Marcie Lipsitt writes from Michigan that the public must wake up to what their governor and legislature are doing to destroy public education:

Finally the Detroit Free Press and Detroit News are reporting on Governor Rick “Nerd” (a disgrace to Dr. Seuss) Snyder and the Republican-led legislature’s plan to destroy public education in Michigan and in record time and virtually no transparency. Most frightening is that Michiganders still don’t understand the immediate crisis MI children face with HB 5323 and HB 6004 moving through our House and Senate in the dangerously waning hours of the lameduck session. Should these bills pass the Michigan Public Finance Education Act “draft” will be legislation waiting for this Governor’s desk in late January/early February. I am urging our Democratic leadership in our MI House and Senate to draft an op-ed and send it to the USA Today (Gannett owns the USA Today, Detroit Free Press, Chicago Tribune, Orlando Sentinel and other newspapers) to shine a national spotlight on the destruction of public education in Michigan and what could be waiting for K-12 students in other states if there is not a state and national outcry. As an educational advocate across MI I have been posting about the Oxford Foundation and Governor Synder”s (nothing more than Englerites) plans to privatize education and turn our state into the haves and have nots. i have felt like Chicken LIttle on mute and wondering what it would take to wake up our sleeping dead-populace. I can only hope it is not to late to stop these bills and this gutting of public education and special education in Michigan.