As readers of this blog know, Governor Rick Snyder of Michigan is determined to break up public education and encourage privatization as rapidly as possible.

He has been relying on a group called the “Oxford Foundation” to devise his plans. As we now know is customary among corporate reformers, the group is named deceptively. it has nothing to do with Oxford and it is not a foundation. while the website has a section about “transparency,” the website contains no names.

Transparency is for the little people.

This article in the Detroit Free Press identifies the leader of the “Oxford Foundation.” He is Richard McLellan, a lawyer who was a founder of the free-market think tank Mackinac Center. Like the Center, he is a strong advocate of vouchers.

McLellan’s time has come. He has the ear of a governor who hates public education as much as he does.

And guess who is funding the privatization activities? Eli Broad.

They will say it is for the benefit of poor minority children. Don’t believe it.

Poor and minority people never benefit by destruction of the public sector.

When the public sector is privatized, follow the money.