What is America’s favorite parlour game?

If you are talking about the average American, I don’t know though I would guess that parlour games have been replaced by watching TV.

However, if you are talking about the wonks in conservative think tanks, a rare breed to be sure, I will share their secret: they are obsessed with trying to understand how their idol, Tony Bennett, got beat at the polls.

He had everything going for him: the nation’s leading advocate of privatization. Chair of Jeb Bush’s Chiefs for Change. Plenty of money. And he lost.

Some attribute it to the massive power of those evil unions (Mike Petrilli at Fordham).

Some say he lost his base by embracing Obama’s Common Core standards (Rick Hess at AEI).

This Hoosier says he lost because he became a willing servant of the federal Department of Education and forgot the people of Indiana.

Remember federalism? An old idea, to be sure, but a good one.