Juan Gonzalez of the New York Daily News doesn’t usually write about education, but when he does, he hits it out of the park.

In this article, he interviews parents who can’t understand why their neighborhood school is being closed–again. It was closed and renamed in 2008, now it will be closed and renamed again.

The mayor wants to close 36 schools this year. After a full decade of mayoral control, with no one to say no to whatever the mayor wanted, there is another crop of failing schools. And next year there will be more and the year after that one. Despite all the reforms, failure never ends.

Mayor Bloomberg likes to close neighborhood schools. He likes putting kids on buses or in the subway to attend a school far from their community. He doesn’t seem to have any sense of the value of neighborhood or community. Maybe that’s because he has houses in so many different cities that community means nothing to him.

But as this article shows, it matters to parents and families. They care about stability. They don’t like turmoil. Chaos is not good for children.

And here’s the most startling fact of all: Most of the new schools opened by Mayor Bloomberg are doing worse than the “failing” schools they replaced.

Schools close, schools open, schools close. What part of this is good for children? What part produces better education?

Correct answer: none, nada, nyet.