Helen Gym is a brave and articulate parent leader in Philadelphia. She has been leading the fight to stop the privatization of the public schools in that district, particularly the plan proposed by he Boston Consulting Group (parent of Bain Capital) to shift 40% of Philadelphia’s children into privately managed charters.

This is Helen’s public letter of thanks to Karran Harper Royal, who ran a valiant race against a heavily funded charter advocate. Karran was outspent 20-1. Running for office educates the public. Eventually, they hear and get it.

From Helen to Karran:

“I just wanted to take a moment and congratulate Karran Harper Royal for a hard-fought, courageous and important struggle for school board in NOLA.

Karran, you put your values and heart on the line by stepping out front and running for school board in what would eventually become a national marker of proof of how big money plays in school board races. I can’t imagine what a toll this took on your personal life, but thank you so much for the courage of your convictions, for speaking an independent voice in a critically important race, and for staking your ground. The fact that things have gone so awry in public ed politics makes me that much more grateful for the sacrifice you’ve given over the last few months.

Wishing you some days of (relative) peace and calm ahead and hoping your increased profile will only help your voice in speaking up for NOLA’s children and all of us.

Thank you.

Helen Gym
Parents United for Public Education