I decided that I had to see “Won’t Back Down.”

I had read so many reviews that I felt I knew every line.

But I still wanted to see it.

Morbid curiosity.

But it is not showing anywhere in the New York City metropolitan area.

The producer of the movies owns a 12-plex only a few blocks from my home, and it is not showing there.

It was released only a month ago (September 28), and it has disappeared.

Where did it go?

I checked the website that tracks box-office receipts. It is being shown nationwide in only 65 theaters.

It took in a little more than $14,212 nationwide last weekend, an average of $219 per theater.

I guess I will have to wait and see the DVD when it comes out.

The lesson here is that parent activists got out early, created the narrative, and let the world know that it was a propaganda film for the charter industry, sponsored by a rightwing billionaire movie mogul who wants to push privatization.

The unions didn’t give this film a bad name.

Parents did.

Specifically, credit goes to Parents Across America, whose members in California put out a fact sheet and whose members in North Carolina demonstrated at the door when it was shown at the Democratic National Convention.

Despite the heavy promotion of the film by CBS and NBC, by Michelle Rhee and Education Nation and Murdoch publications, parents got out the word about its rightwing political message.

You see, our voices and our actions do make a difference.

Never give up hope. Speak up. Don’t back down.