CNN.COM just posted a description of the letter-writing Campaign for Our Public Schools.

This is extremely helpful as it educates the public about what teachers and parents and students know and believe.

In our efforts to promote a sane public policy about education and to stop the demonization of teachers and public schools, we need to educate the public about what is happening in the schools, the good and the bad.

We need to let the public know about the negative consequences of high-stakes testing and about the demoralization of those who do the daily work of teaching our nation’s children.

We need to make our voices heard. This article helps us reach a broader public.

Thomas Friedman may gush about the Race to the Top.

But policymakers should listen to what teachers, students, principals, superintendents, and parents say.

We won’t stop trying until those in positions of power pay attention, stop the PR machine, and listen.