The Campaign for Our Public Schools was a spontaneous effort to gather the candid views of educators, parents, students, and concerned citizens about the state of public education policy today. On October 3, everyone reading this blog was invited to write a letter to President Obama expressing their ideas.

In a brief, two-week period, nearly 400 letters were submitted. There were many that were eloquent, many that were heartfelt, many written from personal experience.

No one was paid to solicit letter-writers or to write letters. No one who worked to bring the letters together was paid. This was an earnest and completely volunteer effort to carry the views of concerned citizens to the President.

Not a single letter of those submitted expressed support for high-stakes testing or for the policies of No Child Left Behind or the Race to the Top.

It was easy for me to ask readers to write letters. Once they began to arrive, I would have been lost without the providential intervention of Anthony Cody, who offered to collect them, bring them together in one place, have them printed, and ship them to the White House. Robert Valiant offered to create a file for the letters.

In short, dear friends, collating and compiling your letters into a single volume would not have been possible without the kindness of strangers. The volume was created by a new community–a community of cyber-friends–and it now exists as a document.

All of the letters that arrived by the end of the day on October 17 are now a pdf file of 430 pages. They may be found here.

This is our work. This is what we together produced.

If anyone has any ideas about how to forward this link to every Senator, every member of Congress, every Governor, every state legislator, every mayor, every journalist, and every foundation, please share the knowledge. Or better yet: Just do it. Let me know that you did it. But you do it. If you can’t send it to every one of them, send it to the ones who represent you and your district.

Take what we have created and publish it to the world to combat the barrage of lies about how happy teachers and parents are with endless testing, standardization and privatization.

Thank you for whatever you do on behalf of your children and my grandchildren and our society,