Readers of this blog learned about the Great Hearts charter chain in Arizona as a result of its efforts to open a branch in Nashville. The Metro Nashville school board has rejected Great Hearts four times and was punished by TFA Commissioner of Education for refusing to approve this charter. Huffman has withheld $3.4 million from the district to retaliate for its unwillingness to open a charter in an affluent part of the city.

Back in Arizona, where Great Hearts is based, the “headmaster” of a Great Hearts school sent out a blast email urging staff and parents to vote against a ballot measure intended to raise $1 billion for the state’s dramatically underfunded public schools. The measure is intended to raise additional funding for both public schools and charter schools. But apparently, the headmaster thinks it best to starve the public schools into submission. After all, his own school asks for a “voluntary” gift of $1200-1500 from parents, so he doesn’t need the new money from the state.