A reader asked the other day if there was anything he could do for me.

The answer is yes.

Please send a contribution to Karran Harper Royal of New Orleans, a parent leader who is running for school board. I met Karran in New York City a year ago, and she explained what a farce “choice” is in Nola. “There’s one choice they deny every parent,” she said, “and that’s the choice to send your child to a neighborhood public school.”

Karran is running against a heavily funded “reformer,” Sarah Usdin and incumbent Brett Bonin.

Joel Klein, Reed Hastings (of Netflix) & Walter Isaacson of Aspen Institute have donated big money to corpreform challenger Sarah Usdin.

Parent activist Karran Harper Royal is a great voice for public education. http://www.tribunetalk.com/?p=3887

She recently returned from a tour of New Zealand, where she warned about the dangers of privatization.

Usdin reported $110,468 in donations in the period running from Jan. 1 to Sept. 27, compared with Bonin’s $24,990 and Royal’s $5,569

Usdin has raised three times as much as ANY candidate running for school board; she is the founder of the pro-charter organization New Schools for New Orleans. If memory serves, that organization received about $30 million in federal funds to replace public schools with non-union charters staffed mainly by TFA.

Karran Harper Royal is a parent of children in the New Orleans schools. She needs our help.

If she pulled an upset, that would make me very happy.