A group of Texas superintendents have been developing a different vision of what education ought to be. Different from the test-and-punish approach of No Child Left Behind and Race to the Top.

With the full-blown revolt against high-stakes testing in Texas, the superintendents now have a chance to show their stuff.

At the last session, the Legislature gave permission for a small number of districts to development a new approach to accountability.

These 23 districts have a chance to change the national obsession with standardized testing.

A lot is at stake. Texas cut $5.4 billion from its public schools last year; but it was able to scrape up nearly $500 million for a five-year contract with Pearson for testing.

And, as you will see from the link, the business leaders of the state are bound and determined to shove testing on every school from now until the end of time, no matter how useless and harmful all that testing is.