A teacher sent the following comment in a discussion about why teachers are demoralized. In Dallas, a 29-year-old TFA alum, with two years of teaching experience, has been put in charge of teacher recruitment:

A much better thing to publicize is the recent appointment of a TFA alumni to be the new Chief Talent Officer (HR manager I believe in OldSpeak) for DISD. This individual, responsible for reforming how Dallas ISD hires teachers and retains them, has spent a grand total of 2 years teach middle school social studies. He’s a poster child for the TFA philosophy of Teach For Two Years and then move up into administration and policy. And yet this man is supposed to know what a great teacher looks like on paper and in person and in the classroom and hire them for DISD?

I wonder how many of the new hires will look like him.

Relevant news stories:



Note how he dodges the questions in the second news stories.