I posted earlier about Romney’s pledge to eliminate federal support for the arts and humanities (PBS and “Big Bird”). A reader from Louisiana–which is the absolute acme of education reform–says that the defunding has already started in that state.

Earlier this year, state lawmakers eliminated support for libraries. It was less than $1 million, hardly a crumb on the public table, but it sent a significant message: If you want to read books, buy them yourself. Or raise your local taxes. No more free-loading with free libraries! No more free access to information!

Bear in mind that Louisiana is doing now exactly what Romney has pledged to do: Vouchers, charters, online for-profit charters, public money for religious schools, public money for entrepreneurs. All of these new expenditures subtracted from the minimum foundation budget for public schools.

But not a dime for free public libraries.

This is where the current wave of privatization leads.