When reformers say that New Orleans is a success, bear in mind that it is a low-performing district in a low-performing state, ranked 69th out of 70 districts in Louisiana. In addition, New Orleans got many millions in federal grants and private philanthropy to “prove” that privatization works.

A reader from Louisiana writes:


I was just studying the Louisiana grants awarded this round and back in 2010. Astounded at the amounts of money coming from Feds to subversively promote their agenda. In 2010 New Schools For New Orleans received millions. Now, understand that NSNO is basically an arm of TFA. A major purpose of this grant is to develop effective CAREER teachers. I am going to file a public information Request to both the Feds and LDOE for the requisite progress reports that NSNO had to file. Opening this link will also provide the full grant applications and the inflated/misrepresented claims about the success of RSD schools. Very interesting reading.

This is taxpayer money!