The review in the New York Times of the anti-union film makes an important point: when people loudly insist that “it’s all about the kids,” you can be sure that it’s not.

As A.O. Scott puts it, “A movie that insists, repeatedly and at high volume, that ‘it’s all about the kids’ might just cause you to wonder what else it is about, and this one is not shy about showing its ideological hand.”

Surely, you have noticed how often the corporate reformers use terms like “children first,” “students first,” “children come first,” when they have something else in mind.

For one thing, they want to persuade the public that teachers are not interested in the well-being of their students. Only the corporations and the mayor really care about your children, not their teachers.

They have very deliberately claimed brand ownership of the word “reform,” even when they are peddling GOP dogma that’s forty years old.

More standardized testing=reform.

More shuttered schools=reform

Lower standards for teachers=reform

More private management=reform.

For-profit schools=reform.

What do they really want?