She read the “tale of two farmers” yesterday and reacted:

This is what no one wants to understand about education. It’s a growing process and conditions matter. I know it’s en vogue right now to say that the teacher is the great equalizer, but that’s garbage. It’s as if observers are willfully ignoring the quality of schools across economic lines and willfully ignoring how community plays in to the student. No one can reasonably tell me that a child born to a teenager in a dilapidated neighborhood in North Philly full of crack dens is on equal footing to the child born to college educated parents in Bucks County. It’s not realistic. The refusal to accept that there is a difference between these two should be horrifying. But, it’s not. Instead, we expect the child born to the child in North Philly to find some bootstraps and pull himself up by them.

And if they don’t. Well, obviously it’s because their teachers didn’t care enough and we’re lazy.

I know I’m preaching to the choir, here. I just get really, really angry when reality isn’t acknowledged. Obviously, I’m angry a lot.