No matter what the calendar says, it’s springtime for charters in Connecticut.

The State Education Commissioner Stefan Pryor was a member of the board of Achievement First, a charter chain in Connecticut. He believes in charters, like his colleague John King, the state commissioner in New York, whose only experience was in the charter sector (Uncommon Schools).

Jonathan Pelto has been writing about the massing of hedge fund money in support of the charter agenda in Connecticut.

Be sure to read Pelto’s link to the excellent article by Stamford parent advocate Wendy Lecker.

One consistent finding in the research is that charters have not been successful in taking over low-performing schools and doing a “turn-around.” KIPP tried it at Cole Elementary School in Denver and gave up. Charters prefer to start from scratch so they can mold students from the beginning.

Let’s keep watch and see what happens in Connecticut.