This week, we will be subjected (or treated) to days of NBC’s celebration of corporate reform, which they call “Education Nation.”

Read this critique of the event.

They will hail the anti-union film of the year, as two years ago they hailed the anti-union propaganda film “Waiting for Superman.”

They will make a token effort to include teachers.

But the bottom line is that Education Nation is staged to persuade the American public that American education is in sorry shape because of bad teachers, that teachers must be judged by the test scores of their students (no matter that the research says it is wrong) and that our nation needs to privatize public education.

Condoleeza Rice will be there, explaining why our public schools are a “very grave threat to our national security.” She will explain why we need to provide more charters and vouchers so kids can escape public education. Please read my critique of the nonsensical report that she will talk about.