Diane Rehm is one of the best interviewers on national radio (WAMU in DC).

I always enjoy being on her show.

This morning, I was invited to discuss the Chicago teacher strike, and discovered to my chagrin, that the lineup was three against one.

I defended the teachers and discussed their aims and the conditions in the Chicago public schools.

On the other side was Rick Hess of the conservative American Enterprise Institute; Andrew Rotherham of Bellwether Partners; and former Mayor Adrian Fenty of D.C.

The three of them versus me. Mayor Fenty would like to see tenure abolished. He blames the unions for all the ills of the schools. He
loves standardized testing. Andy Rotherham says that unions are too powerful even in right to work states. Hess warned that the CTU would make the union movement as irrelevant as the referendum in Wisconsin. All three are rooting for Mayor Rahm to beat back the CTU.

I hope you find time to listen.