Thanks to a reader for sending this story from the New York Times. It has a graph showing the most racially segregated big-city school districts in the United States.

The winner of this disgraceful award: Chicago.

Second place: Dallas

Third place: New York City

Fourth place: Philadelphia

Fifth place: Houston

Sixth place: Los Angeles

Undoubtedly there are smaller districts that are even more segregated, and some that are nearly 100% black and Hispanic.

In New York City, half of the city’s schools have enrollments that are at least 90% black and Hispanic. New York City’s Department of Education doesn’t care about integration.

New York City’s Chancellor Dennis Walcott was once head of the city’s Urban League. Does he care?

New York City is known for its school choice policies. These policies may have intensified this extraordinary level of segregation in the schools.

This is a scandal.

Our nation has abandoned school integration.

And the result is concentrations of racial segregation and poverty in certain schools and certain districts.

This is a blight on our society.