Did the stars and crew of the anti-union film “Won’t Back Down” know that they were carrying a message on behalf of rightwing extremists?

This writer says no:

Hi, um, I had the… good fortune of working on this film that, at its heart, is fiction. Notice the careful phrase “based on real events” rather than “a true story.” It is a STORY that is being hijacked by political people to support a cause that many of us, now that we are watching this disgusting spectacle unfold, are conflicted about the film. We are in the business of telling stories, human stories about relationships that have an emotional effect on audiences. We are certainly not told, from the beginning, that our work will be used to support a position we oppose… in the end, honestly, we are just grateful to have a job in a HIGHLY competitive market.

I will ask you to please understand that the actors, crew, and other hard working people that worked to tell this story were not engaging is supporting an agenda. We are just paying bills like everyone else. Once involved, we are also committed to the film’s success (read ticket sales and marketability).

What is needed is more voices rising up and disrupting these carefully staged events – voices which support the position that public education is a cornerstone… a vital foundation upon which democracy is built. To surrender it to corporate greed and financial motivations is to decimate the future of this country, the equality of its citizens, mobility between classes, and our very freedom.

Make noise, be heard, make sure that this debate does not go the way of health care reform that gave us no single payer system but, instead, a gift to insurance companies. Don’t let it be another Iraq War where voices for peace and non-intervention were made inaudible by the media’s drumbeat and ratings whoring. This is a desperate hour – and unless parents rise up everywhere… unless parents GET INVOLVED in their children’s lives and education… our fate as a doomed nation is sealed.