I discovered a new blogger who is spot-on: EduShyster

He or she seems to be writing from Massachusetts and has a wicked sense of humor.

This post is called “The Scratch n’ Sniff Guide to Phony Education Reform Groups.”

There are certain tell-tale signs. For example, no one in a leadership role ever went to a public school. Its “experienced” teachers had two years in TFA. Its policy agenda is exactly the same as ALEC.

This post challenges a charter cheerleader to find a single charter school in Massachusetts with the same demographics as Lawrence and a low attrition rate and high scores.

This blogger has wit, style, and knowledge, a powerful combination.

And to show my exquisite sense of political balance, here is a guide to reform groups by the Center for Education Reform, which advocates for vouchers, charters, homeschooling, online for-profit virtual schools–anything but public schools.