Deborah Meier writes to comment on Jeb Bush’s claim that choosing schools should be like choosing milk. Could have said cereal. There, two or three corporations own all the different brands.

Re Jeb Bush’s analogy—choosing schools is like choosing milk as you wander down the aisle.  Among the kinds of milk he listed were  milk for people who can’t drink milk.     Well, I suppose there are indeed some schools that are for people who “can’t be educated” (in his mind).

What a startling picture-metaphor.  Creepy?   The schools are, for Jeb,  just another brand on the market with fancy packaging, millions spent in promotion, and success dependent on making a profit.  Worse still is the very mindset that would create such a metaphor.   It could have been worse—I suppose.  He could have chosen toothpaste…or….