The Arizona Daily Star reviewed the charter sector and came up with some amazing and disturbing findings.

The state has 500 plus charter schools, and provides next to no oversight.

A new charter may get a visit in the first year or two, but seldom after that.

They are on their own.

There are only 7 people in the state department of education to oversee the charters, but five of the positions are vacant.

Charter schools are now one-quarter of all schools in the state, and the federal government (thanks, Arne) is offering the state $53 million to open 100 more of them.

Some do excellent work, some don’t, as is true throughout this sector.

Some charter leaders pay themselves handsomely, some keep their finances obscure.

What a strange way to spend the public’s money.

By now, after 15 years of free-market education policy, Arizona ought to be the top scoring state in the nation.

But it’s not.