The money behind the “parent trigger” movie comes from the rightwing.

It’s a shame to see mainstream movie stars and musicians fooled into thinking this movie “honors” teachers.

The parent trigger is a transparent attempt to fool parents into seizing control of their public school and handing it over to corporate charter chains.

So, the game is to fool the Hollywood crowd and to fool parents with deceptive packaging.

Read this about funding by Walton (Walmart) family, whose money supports vouchers and charters. It is known for its anti-union views.

And then there is the film’s producer, Walden Media, owned by billionaire Philip Anschutz, who funds libertarian and far-right think tanks and anti-gay activism. And, it may or may not surprise you to learn that his energy company is involved in hydrofracking, a technique opposed by environmentalists everywhere. In New York, Anschutz is fighting a small town named Dryden, that doesn’t want its water supply despoiled by this process. No choice for them!

Anschutz also owns many newspapers, which report favorably on his odious activities.

Is our democracy for sale?