There is a hugely important development in Texas.

Tom Pauken, the former head of the state Republican party and a current state workforce commissioner representing employers told a meeting of business leaders that testing had gotten out of control in the state and was actually hurting the workforce of the future. “I’m really concerned we’re choking off the pipeline of skilled workers that our employers need,” he said. “We’re spending too much time and effort teaching to the test instead of focusing on real learning.”

Teachers have been saying that for a decade and no one has been listening. Now that the business leaders hear it from one of their own, maybe they will listen.

I wonder if the anti-high stakes testing revolt by the school boards of Texas is making a difference. I wonder if the arguments the school boards make are so powerful, that they can’t be ignored.

We are making headway. Do not lose hope. This mighty vessel will turn, and lots of empty suits will be left behind when it does.